Get me global will help define how you want to get out there, or go "global".
And then take you through the steps to do that.

That may include audio recording, video recording, editing, creating and designing a YouTube page, or creating a shopping cart for your product.

Whatever it takes to get from obscurity to a World Wide Web presence, we will help you with!


  • Audio Recording and Editing
  • Video Recording and Editing
  • Website, YouTube, Facebook, etc... Page creation and design
  • Digital Press Kit
  • Advice on Global Distribution (Amazon, iTunes, internet radio) of your Product, Service or Expression!



Do you want to walk into the studio, record your audio or video, and walk out - leaving all the technical aspects to us? This is the package for you. We record / film you, edit the audio/video, create a presence on the media of your choice (YouTube, Facebook, a Website, etc...) and launch your work to the world within a matter of days. This includes recording, mastering, and webmastering with all the bells and whistles.


First Class

You are a little web savvy and have your own website/facebook page/youtube channel, but need someone to record and edit your message. You receive fifteen hours total of recording and editing. The finished product will be sent to you electronically or loaded to your webpage.


You are very savvy and all you need is someone to record and give you the raw audio or video files. Ten hours of studio time.

A La Carte

You have specific requirements and get to pick and choose from our services:

Video Shooting and Editing

Audio Recording and Editing




Audio Recording Services include:


  • Voice-overs and vocal narratives
  • Voice with music or nature sound background track
  • Solo or small ensemble acoustic recording, voice and instrumental
  • Original music via midi or audio layering to fatten or expand your tracks

Video Recording Services include:


  • Hi-def video for YouTube
  • Hi-Def footage for your website
  • Mobile off-premise videography

Web Presence Creation includes:


  • Design and Creation of YouTube Channel
  • Wordpress consultation
  • Consultation on streamlined venues to set up web-based digital products


Please Contact Mark to discuss your Needs and Rates